A New Name, A New Look, A New Future…

Over the last 2 years “Thames Class Lifeboat Trust” as a name, and the “image” that we portrayed under this name has worked for us. However we have often came up against confusion about our aims, with members of the public often mistaking us as a serving RNLI or independent lifeboat. Another downside to the name was that it did not portray any aspect of us working with young people.

After much discussion amongst both our current & previous committee members, and with our volunteer crew members, We have made the brave decision to entirely re-brand ourselves, making steps to distance ourselves from “lifeboat” in our name, and in our image. This move also means in order to prevent confusion with a serving lifeboat both in port and at sea. During the refurbishment the trust will repaint “Rotary Service” in a modified lifeboat colour scheme, opting to paint her superstructures in mid-grey which was used up until the early 1970’s on Lifeboats, and is currently used on other training vessels including by the RNLI.

At a meeting on board “Rotary Service” on the 27th August, it was voted that the name Thames Class Lifeboat Trust be replaced with the new name “50001 Youth Training Trust” and the logo would be changed to reflect the changes on and off of the vessel, the new logo can be seen below. Over the coming year we will transition from “Thames Class Lifeboat Trust” to “50001 Youth Training Trust” with an overlap to allow us to make changes to our marketing materials as required. This decision has now been approved by the Charity Commission and as such is now official.

you may notice that this change has been made with immediate effect on our social media platforms.

Logo in use by 50001 Youth Training Trust as of 27th August 2016
Logo in use by 50001 Youth Training Trust as of 20th November 2016.